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5th Annual Conference
Saturday, October 8, 2016.
Kansans: Where Did They Come From
Learn from our distinguished lineup of historians when, how, and why your ancestors came to Kansas. We are proud to lead the conference with our Keynote speaker:  Dr. Jay Price, Director of Local and Community History Programs at Wichita State University. See the other speakers, topics, and agenda here.


NEW! Early Wichita Death Certificates

Wichita Death Certificates
The WGS has recently completed the index and transcription of death certificates issued by the city of Wichita from 1887 to 1911. This information is free to all visitors to this web site.  Click Here to see the wonderful new data available for your genealogy and family history research.

Wichita & Sedgwick County History Book

We have recently discovered a great history resource in our own Wichita Public Library. It is the Wichita and Sedgwick County History Book.  Now it was not lost, hidden, or is it new. Most of us just didn't know it existed. Michelle Enke, our Local History Librarian, brought this interesting book to our attention recently. Learn about area history from a two-volume collection of published articles from the 1880s to 1932.  The WGS has indexed the book and includes that index online for WGS Members. You may find your ancestors in it. Learn about it here – FOR WGS MEMBERS ONLY.

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August 20
"The Fur Trade Era of the Early American West, 1806-1837", presented by Bones & WhiteFawn
The last Mountain Man rendezvous was held along the Snake River near Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1837.  Bones and WhiteFawn have attended many dozens of rendezvous, setting up historical displays all over central and western Kansas including one at the Kansas State University for the 125th anniversary of Kansas ...
September 10
Layers of On-Line Searches
No one search method works all the time.  Both online and classic search methods have their advantages and limitations.  You need to know how to switch from one type of on-line search to another.  Layering on-line search techniques (from No Name searches to Alphabetical Browsing) helps you find more on-line ...
September 17
2016 Research Trip to SLC Family History Library
The 2016 WGS research trip takes us to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  See complete details on the "WGS Trips" tab. Attached is a poster to help promote the trip to others.
October 8
WGS 5th Annual Conference
For complete details about the conference, go to the "Annual Conference" page  
November 19
"Deborah Samson - Revolutionary Soldier" - Portrayed by Anna Smith
Deborah Samson – Revolutionary Soldier. Samson disguises herself as a man to join General George Washington’s Continental Army to fight for American Independence from England’s King George III. Samson is the first know woman to receive a pension of land and money for her military experience.   ...